Stones are from the start of this planet, some coming from other stars. Stones pre-date man and will remain for long after he's gone. Rocks seem to be immobile, yet the actions from water, wind, cold, heat, tectonic movements, volcanic eruptions all transform, erode, polish them, turning them into mountains, stones, pebbles, sand... All these elements are in constant interaction and transformation.

Title                                               Menhir

Date of production/edition        April 2014

Measurements                            145 x 75 cm

Techniques                                  Lithography and Dry Point

Type of paper/support              Japanese paper Mitsumata

Edition                                          9 with colour variations

Title                                             Camins de sorra (Sandpaths)

Date of production/edition      2014

Measurements                          0,70 x 10 m

Techniques                                Woodprint

Type of paper/support             Roll of chinese paper Wenzou

Edition                                         2

Title                                              Desert

Date of production/edition       2013

Measurements                           Image: 20 x 27,5 cm, paper: 37,8 x 43 cm

Techniques                                 Fotopolimer and Collage

Type of paper/support              Michel 250 gr/m

Edition                                          1

Title                                                    Nit d'hivern (Winternight)

Date of production/edition             2013

Measurements                                 Image: 42 x 31,5 cm, paper: 56 x 38,5 cm

Techniques                                       Lithography

Type of paper/support                    Michel 250 gr/m

Edition                                                7