Title                                               Gènesis d'una pedra (Genesis of a stone)

Date of production/edition        January 2014

Techniques                                   Engraving using the black method, Silk-Screen and Typography

Measurements                             Unfolded: 25,3 x 231,5 cm, folded: 25,7 x 25,7 cm

Tipe of paper/support                Fabriano 640 gr/m, cotton

Edition                                           3 concertina books x 9 images


Genesis of a stone is a concertina book, made using the black method. It's the process of transforming a plate's state, whereby starting from complete blackness -nothingness- I work varying the plate in order to progressively pull out the whites -light areas- until reaching a final image. I've printed different states from this process of the plate's memory, presenting it as a concertina book. Visually, our perception of an object derives from the light which falls on it and not from the shape itself. The shadows are what define it for our eyes. A stone is born from blackness.